Zurn Thermal Track Board (Straight)

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Thermal Track™ is a patent-pending radiant heating system employing a thermally coated composite wood product, factory grooved to accommodate 3/8" nominal Zurn PEX tubing. The Zurn PEX tubing is tightly secured in the Thermal Track groove, resulting in excellent thermal transfer. Heat is transferred quickly and efficiently to the finished floor goods and the conditioned interior space.

Thermal Track is non-structural and intended for attachment to new or existing plywood subfloors or walls in residential or commercial new construction or retrofit radiant floor applications. Thermal Track may also be used over existing concrete slabs.

Refer to the Thermal Track Installation Guide, Form No. QFN124 for proper installation on various sub-floors. Thermal Track is usually installed just before the finished flooring. American Radiant 3/8" nominal radiant tubing is snapped in place flush with the surface of the Thermal Track.


Width: 16"

Length: 48"

Thickness: 5/8"

Weight: 9 #