About us

Our company has been family owned and operated since 1991. At that time, not many people knew that radiant heating had been used by the Romans over 2000 years ago. 

Over the last 20 years, American Radiant has set many of today's industry standards for technique, design, installation and utilization of proper materials. In fact, American Radiant continues to conduct re-training seminars for local building inspectors on a regular basis. (see schedule)

We were the first in the state to introduce the Munchkin boiler, one of the first high-efficiency condensing technology boilers on the market. Our ongoing evaluations of recently developed systems, components and manufacturers ensure that only the most rigorous, quality tested installations bear the proud American Radiant name.  

Geothermal and Solar Thermal
We are huge proponents of geothermal heat pumps and solar thermal technologies; these heat sources are a perfect match with the low-temperature requirements of radiant heat. We handle only the best high efficiency boilers and water heaters, and only the most efficient applications for wood gasification and geothermal equipment.

Hydronic Heat Systems
We are certified in engineering hydronic heat systems by the Radiant Panel Association (Radiant Professionals Alliance) and the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Strictest Tubing Specs
Made to American Radiant's truest oxygen barrier specifications, our pex-aluminium-pex tubing transfers heat 70% more efficiently than regular pex pipe. Disreputable suppliers have been known to market "pex" products with merely a sprayed-on coating. 

Solid Composite Wood Panels
Composite wood panels, grooved for our tubing, lays on top of subfloor, allowing hardwood floors to be nailed over the top.

Concrete Underslab Insulation
For concrete application, our perfected system of rolled-out Amrad Underslab Insulation insulation creates a critical thermal/vapor barrier before (permanent) concrete is poured around tubing. AmRad UnderSlab is widely used to insulate foundations and other concrete structures, even without radiant heat.

Our systems work, primarily due to personalized customer relationships and TLC in design and installation.

For any application of radiant heating, we have a solution. Give us a call at any time for any questions or consulting.