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Am-Rad Under-Slab Insulation

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·         Simplify installations of radiant heat systems in concrete with our versatile roll-out insulation. This 4’x63’x1/2” conventionally rolled insulation is protected on both sides with a high tensile strength polypropylene vapor impermeable barrier


·         Speed up installation with manageable 250sqft rolls!


·         Amrad-underslab is made from recycled and environmentally friendly polystyrene. Our product does not leach any harmful materials into ground water, provides no nutritional value to insects, does not support mold growth and does not off-gas ozone depleting compounds


·         Proven performance with thousands of installations


·         Amrad-underslab conforms to an uneven grade, eliminating the struggles associated with rigid foam insulation.


·         Amrad-underslab provides real insulation value to your slab, unlike others that rely on aluminum, when compressed are actually a means of heat transfer.


·         R-value of 2.14 and a k-value of .25 @ 40 df  astm c177/c518